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by | Oct 6, 2020 | Blog, e-commerce

Living Lines, Leading Lines, 2021

Influenced by my passion towards running and hiking, I tend to bring out the trails in Singapore which is outside the city influence. Here, I focus on my daily running routine in the nature trails which is a much free environment to relax, in Singapore. After several trips to various green corridors I got more familiar with the nature trails, (living lines) that runs along the road. A bit hidden, like a gem as when people consider Singapore they don’t really focus on it’s natural environment. The work talks about my personal involvement with the nature. It is encouraged to observe the work closely to focus on the signs and trails abstracted. The work talks about my personal involvement with the nature, allowing a room for the viewers to explore the same.

‘Living Lines, Leading Lines’ introduces the viewers to those unfamiliar familiar spaces through mapping and excavating the experienced routes.

MATERIAL USED: Calico/Linen Fabric, Digital print, Drawing tools, Silk-screen Print, Threads.

TECHNIQUES USED: Print-making, mark-making, mapping, drawing.

SIZE VARIES: It is a series of works with 15 pieces.


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