Harshita Agarwal (artist of interest)

by | May 30, 2022 | Blog

Harshita Agarwal, a visionary mixed media artist hailing from India, born in 2001, possesses a profound fascination for the intricate relationship between humanity and its surroundings. Her artistic journey is a profound exploration of how people interact with the environments they inhabit. Through a meticulously crafted process-oriented approach, she delves deep into the essence of this connection, merging site-based exploration with a wide array of material experimentation techniques, ranging from mark-making to image-making, mapping, and weaving. Harshita’s art transcends conventional boundaries; it is a dynamic, living record of specific landscapes, capturing their spirit and intricacies through an assortment of traces left by human interaction.

Having honed her craft at the esteemed Lasalle College of the Arts in Singapore, Harshita’s work is deeply rooted in ecological themes. One of her significant endeavors involved a meticulous examination of Clementi Forest, an abandoned secondary forest nestled in the heart of Singapore. Through her art, she illuminated the forest’s significance and highlighted its fragility in the face of human intervention. Her exploration of this natural sanctuary was not just an artistic endeavor; it was a poignant commentary on the delicate balance between urban development and environmental preservation. Harshita’s work brought attention to the beauty of this forgotten forest, emphasizing the importance of preserving such sanctuaries amidst rapid urbanization.

In Harshita’s creations, viewers are invited into a realm where the boundaries between the natural and human-made worlds blur. Her art becomes a medium through which observers can introspect, questioning their own roles in shaping the environments they inhabit. Through her intricate tapestry of materials and ideas, she challenges societal norms, prompting contemplation on how our actions affect the world around us.

As Harshita continues her artistic journey, she not only captures the evolving connection between humans and their surroundings but also inspires a deeper awareness of the impact each individual has on the environment. Her work serves as a powerful reminder of the delicate harmony that exists between humanity and nature, urging society to tread lightly and foster a symbiotic relationship with the world that sustains us all. Harshita Agarwal’s art is not just a visual spectacle; it is a call to action, beckoning humanity to appreciate, protect, and coexist harmoniously with the intricate tapestry of life that envelops us.

This particular piece maps out the trail of East Coast Park taken by me. It uses different signs spotted to create a whole image of an experienced space.


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