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by | Sep 29, 2023 | art, artist, Blog

Hataw, the torchbearer of cultural heritage and sustainable craftsmanship, proudly unveils Tablero – a masterpiece that seamlessly melds cozy warmth with profound historical significance. Tablero, with its luxurious texture and intricate design, stands as a testament to the artistry of local artisans and the rich weaving tradition of Buhi Camarines Sur, a region profoundly influenced by the resilience and creativity of the Albayanos community.

What makes Tablero truly remarkable is its origin story, woven intricately into every thread. Crafted from upcycled collar thread, these blankets carry not just the weight of their cozy embrace but also the echoes of history. The threads, once a part of discarded attire, have been meticulously repurposed, giving them a new lease on life and a noble purpose. In this act of upcycling, Tablero embodies sustainability, reflecting Hataw’s commitment to eco-conscious practices and reducing environmental impact.

The historical roots of Tablero trace back to the aftermath of the devastating eruption of Mayon Volcano in 1814. Albayanos, seeking sanctuary, found solace in the serene landscapes of Buhi Camarines Sur. In this harmonious blend of cultures, a unique weaving tradition blossomed. Tablero pays homage to this resilient spirit, capturing the essence of heritage and the spirit of survival through its intricate patterns and vibrant hues.

Hataw extends a warm invitation to embrace this rich heritage, inviting you to not just own a blanket but a piece of history. Each Tablero blanket is not merely a product; it is a narrative, a story of cultural amalgamation and artisanal mastery. By choosing Tablero, you actively contribute to preserving the legacy of local artisans, supporting their craft, and ensuring the continuity of this rich weaving tradition for generations to come.

So, wrap yourself in the warmth of history, cocooned in the luxurious folds of a Tablero blanket. Let it be a reminder of the resilience of communities, the beauty of cultural fusion, and the transformative power of sustainable choices. Embrace the past, celebrate the present, and step into the future, all while staying snug and stylish with a Tablero blanket from Hataw.


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